Our Leaders



Hello, I am Joshua I., the current President of the GearCats. This is my third year on the team and so far I have really enjoyed it. In my free time, I enjoy gardening and running the soundboard for the theater. I started on the electrical subteam before becoming the Public Relations executive last year.

Vice President

Hello, my name is Rachel W., and I am the current Vice President of GearCats. This will be my third year on the team, and I was a member of the mechanical subteam during the past two seasons. I love being a part of FRC, and I look forward to having a leadership role on the team this year. I am also co-chief of the Millbrook Theatre sound crew with Joshua, and in my free time I enjoy making art and playing video games.

Mechanical Executive

Hello, my name is Audrey W. and this will be my second year on the GearCats. I'm looking forward to my first year of being an executive and meeting the new group of people that will be joining. In my free time I like to cook, play the piano, and watch YouTube videos.

Electrical Executive

Hello! I'm Grey H., the electrical executive this year. I joined the GearCats in 2022. Being a part of the GearCats has been some of the most fun I've ever had with meeting new people and competitions. I enjoy drawing, crocheting, and learning about astronomy. 


Hey! I'm Julia G., the programming executive for the GearCats this year. I joined the team in 2020 and have really enjoyed learning more about Java and FRC in general. In my free time, I like to work on my own coding projects, play alto saxophone, and write songs on the piano.


Mrs. Petzold

A former string orchestra teacher, I have worked with the GearCats since 2018 , currently serving as Lead Mentor. My focus is administrative tasks and things not technical!

Mr. Rob Gale

I am Mr. Rob and I work as a software solution architect for Fujitsu North America Inc. I have been on the team since 2017.

Mr. Ben

I am Mr. Ben and I work for one of our sponsors Schneider Electric. I have been on the team since 2018, and I mainly help out with the electrical work.

Mr. Nelson

Hello, I'm Mr. Nelson. I started out working in construction before getting interested in electrical work where I spent a long time repairing high speed printers and copiers. I am currently retired and I have worked with the team since 2021

Ms. Kirsten

I have been a GearCat parent/mentor since the 2022 season. I am also an active volunteer for First, volunteering at many FRC events in NC.  I've been involved with First as a parent, through FLL and then FRC, for over 6 years. 

Mrs. Mulrooney

I have been with the GearCats as a parent/mentor for over 5 years, and serving as the team's Treasurer for 4 years. I am also an active volunteer with Millbrook High School, having graduated two children from Millbrook. 

Mr. Quan

Hello, I am an engineer at Rambus. I have been mentoring the team since 2018.

Bennett Petzold

I am a GearCat alumnus and graduate of North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Science (2023) and Master of Science (2024) in Computer Engineering. I have been helping to mentor the team since 2021.