Hello, we are the Mechanical subteam. We build the game pieces and the competition robot. Also, we help to build storage for the different subteams in the off-season.


Hi! We are the Electrical subteam! We are in charge of creating the main electrical board for our robot that controls all of the mechanisms, as well as the pneumatics that work alongside the electronics to control mechanisms on the robot.

CAD (Computer Aided Design)

On the CAD subteam, we design the robot for the current competition season and learn about aspects of Computer Aided Design.


Hey, we're the Programming subteam. We write the code that makes the robot's electrical and pneumatic mechanisms perform the required functions. We code in Java using FIRST's WPILib software.

Business (Marketing and Outreach)

Welcome to the Business subteam! We are composed of both the outreach and marketing subteams. The outreach subteam is in charge of all of our social media pages, website design and updates, volunteer activities, and other activities going on outside of the team. The marketing subteam is in charge of getting us our sponsorships, writing grants, and recruiting new members.